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We are glad and feel proud to announce our first online Virtual Hospital Services. Unless proved otherwise, we humbly wish to say that probably this is world’s first and unique online service. It  is simple, hasslefree and Effective. medical facilities.. ..exiting, hasslefree... multispeciality.


Today is the era of information technology. All the spheres of our life are dominated by modern developments.Our health is an important aspect of our life.We cannot neglect this aspect since we cant go ahead  without good health. But Health has become complicated these days because many factors and forces are working for and against us. We can not change the outside world.

Technology and medical field both are two sides of the same coin. In last 100 years Technology has revolutionised all the things in this world, be it the crops or the inaccessible Antartica  regions.

The same thing has happened in medical field. Because of technology many complicated diseases and surgeries became simple and relatively easy.  Anyway the contribution of technology in medical field goes beyond debate.

Lets see what we mean by virtual hospital.

They have come down to more than 50%-70%  But exactly opposite is the situation with the medical field.

How It Works :-

Unlike most telemedicine websites Ehospital  has simplified the electronic medical records system. In fact, it is so user friendly that even if you are not computer savvy you can still learn it within one hour. 

Ehospital has stuck to this principal for two reasons:

It decreases the learning curve for efficiency, since treating the patient is more important then trying to learn how to master a complicated EMR and;

Gives more physicians the opportunity to practice  has a three step process for consulting with a patient.

Medical Record Retrieval and Review- Whereby the patient fills out a complete history and physical form with chief complaint. 

Physician retrieves and reviews the patients form via email. (Subjective and Objective)

Physician Tele-consult- Physician contacts patient via telephone and email to review and consult the patient’s chief complaint. (Assessment)




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