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Join Our Team

Ehospital is looking for a few good physicians who :-

  • Are interested in having more free time with family

  • Are entrepreneurial, “niche oriented” physicians

  • Are looking for the freedom to work from home or Hospitals

  • Are interested in a flexible schedule

  • Want to expand their practice and income



      Ehospital will  provides telemedicine consultations or online medical consultations via secure dedicated servers utilizing online, telephone and secure e- mail communication to referred patients seeking to obtain such consultations.As a physician for Ehospital, you can work full time or part time while still maintaining your own medical practice or job. Working with Ehospital is flexible and your involvement for compensation is based on your schedule and desired patient base.


1.       Valid State drivers license as identification.

2.       CV

3.       Valid State(s) Medical License

4.       DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) Registration

5.       Telephone

6.       Fax Machine

7.       Computer with an email address and internet access (preferably DSL/Cable)

8.       No current disciplinary or legal issues

9.       Ehospital Employment Questionnaire

10.   Copy of current malpractice policy.

Ehospital follows strict policies, guidelines and procedures that compliant protecting privacy at the highest levels adhering to all federal, state and local regulations.









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